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Carpet Cleaning

(To Australian Standard AS-3733)

Whether you want to clean up before a Real Estate inspection or maintain the fresh, soft feel of your carpet at home Allamanda Carpet Cleaning and Restorations have the equipment and expertise to maximise the life of your investment.  Our truck-mounted restoration cleaning plant is perfect for small domestic to large commercial jobs.

Steam cleaning or hot water extraction

Our process includes: -

1) Pre-inspection – This is to determine the type of fibre so our technicians can select the correct cleaning solution for your carpet type.  This also allows us to identify any stains that may require some extra attention.

2) Vacuum - Our technician’s vacuum using HEPA filtered commercial upright pile- lifting vacuum cleaners.

3) Stain Treatment – We spot treat any stains that require special attention.

4) Pre-spray Detergent - Apply detergent and gently agitate the carpet pile.

5) Steam Clean – Our truck-mounted restoration cleaning plants are the most powerful machines developed for our industry.  For those technically minded, the vacuum system moves more than 850 cfm (cubic feet per minute) of air. This is about double the volume of conventional carpet cleaning machines.  This allows recovery of up to 97% of the cleaning solution.  Our cleaning solution (water) is heated to 1200 C and can be pressurised to 3000 psi.

What this means for you is outstanding cleaning power, that is second to none and fast drying times leaving your carpet clean of contaminants, soft, fresh and residue free promoting a healthy indoor environment for your family and loved ones.


6)    Replace Furniture - Furniture is protected from moisture by placing moisture-barrier tabs under the legs.  Our technicians take care of your home by using protective hose guards to prevent markingwalls.  It’s the little things that make all the difference.

7)    Reset Carpet Pile – Where required the carpet pile is reset with a nap brush.

8)    Drying with high velocity air movers if required

In the humid environment of Cairns, the drying time after Steam Cleaning is usually 2 - 4 hours depending on the type of carpet and the amount of ventilation in the room.  Remember that wool naturally holds moisture so wool or wool blends can take a little longer.

Encapsulation or low moisture cleaning

The process is basically the same as steam cleaning except that encapsulation foam is applied by rotating pads or brushes instead of steam cleaning and the carpet is vacuumed again after cleaning to remove the encapsulated contaminates.

Encapsulation is considered a maintenance system that can be performed between restoration steam cleans. After encapsulation cleaning the area can be ready for use in about 30 minutes.



Your carpet and upholstery are substantial investments!

Before you reach for the dishwashing detergent or the chemical cocktail under your sink – here are a few hints that may save permanent damage.

  • Use a spoon or blunt knife to remove the solid excess from the stain, work towards the centre so you don’t spread it.
  • Blot excess moisture with absorbent paper towels or clean white towelling (cotton nappies)
    • Don’t rub as this can distort or damage some fibres.
    • Don’t use stain removers off the supermarket shelf – unless you have the means to flush and extract them. Over time some of these products can damage or bleach fibres (depending on the fibre type) if left on the carpet.
    • Don’t use Bi-carb soda or other home remedies unless you know the fibre type and what the end result will be.  Bi-carb soda has a high ph that can permanently damage wool fibres.
    • Do give us a call – our technicians are trained to safely remove and treat all types of stains.Pet stains and odour are no problem.
    • Urine removal and treatments are just one of the many tasks our trained technicians perform regularly.

    Rug Cleaning

    We can steam clean your rugs on-site, which is usually the most cost effective. However if you require specialty cleaning off-site this can be arranged using a variety of methods, depending on the type, age, colourfastness and condition of your rug.


    Upholstery cleaning (To Australian Standard AS-4849)

    Cleaning your upholstery items requires the same care and attention as your floor coverings.  Some fabrics require special attention such as setting with a finishing brush.  This is no problem for our qualified technicians.  We can restore your favourite lounge chair or sofa to its former glory returning that clean, fresh feel that enhances the whole room.

    Steam cleaning usually takes around 60 - 90 minutes for an average 5 seating position lounge suite.  White or delicate fabrics take a little longer as does leather.  The drying time for fabric upholstery is usually between 1 – 2 hours depending on the amount of ventilation in the room.

    We can also apply Fabric Protection after cleaning to make cleaning up spills easier.  Remember micro-fibre doesn’t require protecting as it is flocked polyester.  If your not sure our technicians are happy to advise further.

    We also clean mattresses with amazing results!!!